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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fire and Ice New Year's Eve

In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want. Traditional Irish quote

There's nothing I like better than sitting down to a nice dinner on New Year's Eve.  Even though our plans for this year are to go out, I still wanted to put together a table at home for Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan, of Between Naps on the Porch.

  My husband asked my daughter to pick up a few things I would like for Christmas so she ordered champagne flutes from Pottery Barn.  She had them delivered to her house but they didn't come until after she had left to come to our house for the weekend.  To make a long story short, I don't have them yet!  And how can you set a New Year's Eve table without them???   I headed out to Goodwill in hopes of finding some but had no luck.  I wound up buying some pretty basic, inexpensive (cheap) ones at Ross for less than a dollar a glass but when I started putting this table together I realized I had some glasses that would work.  I have no idea if they are technically for champagne but they are pretty and I used them!

Sorry about the bright light but it's tough to take pictures in low light with my camera so I cranked up the dimmer on the light fixture!  I decided to just use black, white and muted silver on this table.  This black tablecloth has been so versatile for me.  Now that I know how often I use it I would like to invest in a better quality one. 

I've had these black and cream dinner plates for years.  I think they are from Ross.  I placed them on a silver charger and topped them with a black salad plate and glass fruit dish (remove pine cone before adding fruit!)

To add a little bling to the table I used "diamond ring" napkin rings (Ross).

Since I wanted to use my sparkly silver candles I had to turn my candlesticks upside down to hold them.  I like that they are a muted silver.

For a centerpiece I used a glass vase as an ice bucket and put the champagne in it.  I placed it on a glass cake stand and added some silver and black ornaments for sparkle and some tea lights..  Fire and Ice!  Ideally a big, dramatic fresh flower arrangement would look great.  Then you could put the ice bucket to the side on the table or on a sideboard. 

I got the flutes as a wedding gift and the goblets are from GW.  I think they look made for each other.  The silverware is also from GW and has a nice soft (worn!) look to it.

To add more candlelight I put tea lights in mini brandy snifters (GW) and used my 3 mercury glass candle holders (Ross).

New Year's confetti is sprinkled on the black plates.

I'm getting used to having my Christmas tree in my dining room.  It will be a sad day when it comes down. 

This is definitely a nighttime table meant for candlelight.  And yes, the champagne bottle is already opened.  What can I say, we had mimosas Christmas morning! 

I still can't believe it's almost January and my magnolia is still blooming!  I took this picture today!

Happy New Year! 

Be sure to check out my sister's blog, Creating Wonderful Spaces!  She's feeling a bit under the weather today so she may not have a new tablescape but she has lots of other great posts to look at!


~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Your tablescape is Gorgeous for New Years Eve. I love the black and white you had put together for your dinner party. I think out of all the Tablescapes. I have put together New Year's Eve is the hardiest for me.
I hope you have a wonderful New Year with your family and friend's
I m also your newest follower on your Blog now.
XXOO Diane

A Perfect Setting said...

I agree, Robin, the black tablecloth really makes everything pop! I love the idea of fire and ice, very creative, and also how clever to turn your candlesticks upside down to accommodate your pillars! Your stemware looks really pretty. This is beautiful! Happy New Year!!

Tess said...

Very pretty your black and white plates. Sorry you glasses didn't arrive, but your table isn't missing a thing with your new glasses!

Have a great New Year!

Jacqueline said...

Lest I forget, your magnolia is out of this world! It seems warm all over, but certainly nothing like this where I am from.

Your fire and ice table is wonderful and you have certainly captured the wonderful theme. I love the candle light photos. Those black and cream plates are to die for. Have a wonderful New Year.


Yep, the black tabletopper made it all pop up, I'll have to remember this. Your tablescape is gorgeous and the dishes are beautiful. Your magnolia is a treasure in itself! Perfect Fire and Ice, you sure captured it to perfection. Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Year 2012.

Marlis said...

Black is a fabulous backdrop! Love your creative ideas, like turning the candlestick over, and using a vase for the champagne! May the year bring warmth, good cheer and many, many blessings. xo marlis

Marigene said...

I must get myself a black tablecloth! Beautiful table, you do black and white so well, Robin. I love that you turned the candlesticks over so you could use pillars instead of tapers. Great champagne cooler.
Happy New Year!

CJ said...

Great New Year's table, black and white and silver DRAMA. I'm out of town, but return tomorrow to throw together a NY table, and will copy cat some of your ideas. The Goodwill find in the glasses. Very cool finds. CJ

Cindy said...

Beautiful Table, I love the black and white scrolly dishes. Happy New Year! XO Cindy

Elaine said...

You know I've been sick if it's taken me this long to comment on your table! I love the first shot of your whole dining room. Everything is so coordinated! The black tablecloth makes for an elegant, sparkly table. I really like those black and white dishes, and your glassware is so pretty. Love the fire and ice theme!