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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love these Baskets!

It's time to announce the winner of  my Scentsy giveaway.  The lucky follower is Piper, of Mercy Saved Me.  Congratulations Piper!  I have left a comment on your blog with instructions.

 Why is  the fastest week of the year always  the second week in December?  It's  this week when I get a little panicky and swear I will never have enough time to get everything done.  Every year I say I will never let this happen again and every year it's the same thing.  I would love to hear what advice you have for keeping on track (besides a To-Do list).

I finished the last few tweaks to my decorating yesterday so on that front I'm doing okay.  Just don't ask me about cards or gifts and especially don't use the "w" word!  I know some of you will know exactly what the "w" stands for but for those of you who aren't procrastinators like me, the word is "wrap".  Please only whisper it when you are around me.

  For this week's Metamorphosis Monday I decided to show you what I did with my front door baskets.  Earlier I did a whole post on them which you can see HERE.  They really are one of the best investments I've made as far as versatility. 

My house is painted brown with tan trim.  Green looks nice against it, red not so much.  Besides that, you should know by now how I feel about red.  Most of my decorations are gold, silver, brown, cream with some greens thrown in.  To change out my baskets I used some things I had and mixed in some things from Michael's.  Here's a TIP:  even if you aren't an "early" decorator, make sure you hit the stores early,  I was at Michael's last Thursday and it was so picked over.  Same thing with Old Time Pottery.  The early bird gets the best selection!

They wound up being quite eclectic.  A brown hydrangea, glittery leaves and berries, some faux greens and my favorite, feathers!  I finished it off with a gold bow.  No, it's not traditional, but this seems to work in Florida.  I guess I could have gone this way.

Nah, I don't think so!

My husband doesn't mind stringing lights in 80 degree weather here!  I bought a new mini-flag (with a little red, oh no!) and I added a decorated lantern (Old Time Pottery) and 2 porch trees (Ace Hardware $19.99 a piece) that were already lit.  I just added a few ornaments.  This is Christmas in the Sunshine State.  Do I miss the snow?  Not for a minute.

It's been such nice weather here my Magnolia is blooming!

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Lesley said...

The little white sprays in the baskets look like snow flurries! Pretty!

Elaine said...

The baskets look great. I love that they have wonderful detail, but also look good from a distance. Your entrance looks quite grand!

Tracy said...

Wow, great house! I am sure you will not miss the snow, I would love to get away from it! I love the look of the baskets on the door, glad you didn't decide on the Flamingos!