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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mix It Up!

Years ago you may have felt obligated to have a full set of matching dishes to set a nice table.  Luckily, that rule has been eliminated and now anything goes!  I almost always set a table with dishes that mix and match but today I'm taking it one step further.  I am mixing some newer dishes and glasses with older items that were my mother's.  And I'm mixing it up with my table covers too! 

Another beautiful day here in Florida so I set a table for two by the pool. 

My color inspiration came from an Easter card I bought to send to my father back in NJ.  I wish he were here to join me for this Easter breakfast!

My mother had a collection of Milk Glass as far back as I can remember (didn't every one's mother?).  We never ate off it but my mother always displayed it in her Dining Room either on a hutch or a shelf.  The solid white color popped nicely against stained wood.  I can't remember how, but I wound up with several pieces of it and up until today guess what I did with it?  Yup, displayed it in my Dining Rooms in all of our houses because it popped nicely....well , you get the picture!

So today it's being used on a table for possibly the first time ever.  I think it makes for an interesting place setting combined with my more modern plates.

I'm only using 2 of the place settings today but I have pieces to service 4.  After some quick research on the Internet I found that the dishes and cups and saucers are  Colony Pattern Harvest Milk Glass.  I also found that I will never get rich selling Milk Glass on Ebay.  It's VERY affordable!

The cruets are Fenton Hobnail and I have a few more pieces of this pattern including a pitcher that I love to put flowers in.

Everything else is new.  The table cover is a drop cloth from Home Depot topped with a pillow sham from Goodwill.

The place mats are from The Christmas Tree Shop (don't get excited fellow Floridians-I got them when I was in NJ in the Fall-we still don't have that store here!)

The green dishes are from Ross and the polka dot plates are from Marshall's. 

My father always enjoyed the "crack the egg" game every Easter so I included one on each place setting.   I haven't colored eggs yet so please excuse the white!  The cute baskets came in a 6 pack at Dollar Tree.

Space is tight so I placed the napkins (Target) in the glasses (Marshalls).

The flatware is from BJ's Wholesale Club and contrasts nicely with the vintage dishes.

My centerpiece (Ross) looked a little low next to the glasses so I raised it up on a candle stand.

Here are some tips to take away from this table: 

-Even if it's just a table for 2 make it special
-Easter doesn't always have to be purple and yellow
-Think outside the box when it comes to table covers
-Inspiration can come from anywhere including a greeting card
-Think twice before discarding "old" dishes you may have and make them look up to date by mixing them with newer pieces
-Whenever you can, add blue skies, a sunny day and an inviting pool to your tablescapes. They make everything look that much better!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reflecting on Spring!

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men. ~Chinese Proverb

For those of you who think we have only summer year long here in Florida, I have to disagree.  In the months of December and January the plants lose their brilliant green color and the grass gets a bit brown.  As the weather warms up in February we have our own version of Spring with new growth on our plants, buds on the trees and flowers and the daylight lasting longer every day.  Just as it has been in most of the country this winter, we have experienced very mild temperatures and where it should be in the 70's at this time of year we have been in the 80's most days. 

I am celebrating our arrival of Spring, both on the calendar and with the weather  this week with my tablescape.

There's been a lot of blogging about Old Time Pottery in the last few weeks and it was a source of many of the elements of this table.  My favorite part of shopping there is arriving at the back of the store where the fabric remnant table is.  All the fabrics are $4.99 a yard and come in sizes from 1 yard to 10 or more!  This last trip I could have come home with all of them the selection was so good. I limited myself to 2 including this remnant that was just over 1 yard.  I finished off the edges to make it a table topper.

The fabric has a watercolor look to it.

While I had the fabric in my cart I was able to search the fake flowers for just the right color purple to add to a planter I had purchased months ago.

Here's a closer look at the container.

As I told you in my last post, I am always thinking ahead with the seasons.  I have been picking up "spring-like" items for months now so with my new fabric and coordinating flowers I was able to add what I already had to complete this table. 

For my place setting I started with my Goodwill chargers that got a spray paint makeover.  The dinner plates are from Ross and I love their shape and beaded edge. 

The square plate is from Old Time Pottery and the top plate is from Ross.

I prefer a big centerpiece on this round table.  I was recently reading some tips about using fake flowers and I have been trying to follow them.  One of the best was to use colors that are found in nature and this purple is one of them.

Always make sure your centerpiece looks good from all sides.

At first I used purple wineglasses but I preferred the look of the green (Dollar Tree) and my water glasses are from Goodwill.

I wrapped a silk garland around each of the candle holders.

The checked napkins are from Old Time Pottery and the green glass napkin rings were on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The bright green napkins are from Target.

I stood on top of my breakfast bar for this shot.  My husband is used to seeing me doing things like this!

I added a votive to a purple ramekin (Christmas Tree Shop).

Remember that you aren't limited by ready-made table linens.  I've used old drapes, pillow shams and even shower curtains to make table toppers.  Stop in your fabric store and see what's on clearance.  Try to get a good quality, thick fabric for the best results.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I NEVER sew anything.  I love my fabric glue!

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Happy Spring!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've Got the Blues!

Maybe we are all thinking green these days with St. Patty's Day and Spring coming on us but I'm feeling blue this week!  I started out with some new napkins I found at Ross that had blue flowers on them.  Funny thing is, after I "played" with my dishes I wound up not even using them!  Does that happen to you too?  I do the same thing with clothes.  I have to be "in the mood" to wear certain things.  That could explain why I am a compulsive over-packer!  How can I possible know what I will feel like wearing two or three days from now?  Sorry, I'm getting off subject here, back to tablescaping! 

I set a table for four in my Dining Room (because that's what I was in the mood for!). 

I bought these placemats a few weeks back at Ross (less than $1 each!).  They look like little rag rugs.  I'm always looking for different textures.

I tried to break up the blue with touches of green and brown.  That color combination seems to work well in nature. 

I think there's a reason we all own these rattan chargers.  They look great and are so versatile.  A place setting instantly becomes more casual sitting atop these!  Mine are from Beall's Outlet but they are available in many different stores in dark and light tones.

The dinner plates are from a thrift store, the salad plates are from Ross (love the color!), the leaf plates are also from Ross and I seem to find myself using them all the time.  Now you're probably wondering where I got the cute little green leaf plates.  I have to admit I don't remember.  I think that's one of the signs of being a "dish-aholic" when you can't even remember buying your dishes!

I do remember buying these pretty, paisley napkins (Marshall's).  They are April Cornell (of course!).  The napkin rings are from Home Goods and look like little gardening tools.

I found these glasses at my favorite Goodwill (on the way to the beach).

I borrowed this container from my home office to use as my centerpiece.  It's also a Home Goods purchase.  The greens are casually arranged (I plopped them in !).

I guess it's a big artichoke!  Once again, I love texture.

These candlesticks are from Marshall's and have that nice chippy look to them like they have been outside in a garden.  The candles have layers of blue, green and brown.

Two cement birds add to the garden feel.

Green votive candles are nestled in glass bowls filled with glass beads in blue and green. 

A little candlelight...

I'd like to share a tip with you about shopping for seasonal home decor or tablescaping items.  SHOP EARLY!  The stores start putting things out way before the season has begun whether it's summer or Christmas!  You have to be thinking ahead all the time.  Stores like Ross, Home Goods and Tuesday Morning only get a few of each item.  Once it's gone, it's gone.  Stores like Pier One, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie or even Old Time Pottery will have more of a supply and will have things for a longer period of time.  In that case, you can "think" about a purchase for a few weeks.  One more tip for today.  I always try to make sure I can use something in at least 2 different ways and don't buy it if you don't love it!  This tip should save you money and storage space!  I enjoy "shopping " my house as much as shopping in the stores.  Today's centerpiece is a good example of that.

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