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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sister Act-Robin

We are trying something different for this Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.  Before I get started though, I want to congratulate Susan for winning the decoupage pumpkin contest and yes I voted! Both of her entries were beautiful.

 For those of you who follow my blog, today is the much anticipated Thursday when my sister, Elaine, of Creating Wonderful Spaces, and I are each doing a tablescape using the same dishes.  We both started tablescaping around the same time and sure enough it didn't take long for us to buy identical dishes.  Here is the recap from last week for those of you that don't read every word of my post (shame on you! Ha!)
Sister Act

Next Wednesday, November 16, my sister and I will be posting very special tablescapes. Even though we haven’t lived within a thousand miles of each other since our country’s bicentennial, the sister bond runs deep. On one visit, on the same day, we wore identical outfits. Our niece just had a baby and we purchased the exact same gift. It has always been a source of amusement for us. We knew it was bound to happen when we both started tablescaping, but we bought the same appetizer plates. We thought it would be fun to use them the same week, make some guidelines to the colors allowed, and see what happens! So, be sure to join us next week for Tablescape Thursday!!!

Elaine came up with the rules since she's the older sister!  We were only allowed to use black, white and silver.  Limiting yourself to black and white made it easier to make decisions on what to use. Just a reminder, this is NOT a competition.  Please do not tell us which table you like better!  This was strictly for fun and to see what we came up with.   Here is the plate that started it all.

It came in a 4 pack at Marshall's.  I'm sure many of you remember seeing it and may have picked them up too.  Elaine and I both love birds and anything black and white. There isn't any gold in it.  That's just a reflection.  I have dishes and accessories that are ivory and black but not really white and black so there was some additional shopping required (and you know how much I hate to shop!). 

I set the table in my breakfast area that gets little natural light and as luck would have it, the day started out over cast. Later in the morning, a man came to repair some of our floor tile and that's when the sun came out. I tried again, but even with bright sun outside it's still dark. I had to use the dreaded flash, sorry.  I didn't start out with the intention of this table being so formal but it did wind up reminding me of a tuxedo!

I started with a black tablecloth, then layered a white one over it.  My Waverly placemats (Ross) were a true white and black design.  They have a more modern print on the back.  Since they are not very big I didn't use a charger. 

I have a set of black dishes from Walmart that I bought when I changed my old kitchen to black, cream and khaki.  I loved the way they looked in the beginning but beware of black dishes.  They show every scratch!  I'm not sure if all black dishes do, but Walmart's do.  They worked for this since you can only see the border.  I bought the salad plates at Marshall's after looking high and low for some dishes that were true white.  They just happened to also have birds on them.

I think they stacked up quite nicely!

So as to be sure not to break the color rule, I use my acrylic flatware.  No color!

I arranged the layered napkins in my black water glass from Dollar Tree. Wine will be served in the black goblets (Bed, Bath and Beyond).  I know Elaine has these goblets too.  I wonder if she used them? 

The day I found the appetizer plates I picked up this black wooden bird for $6.  I think he was supposed to be for Halloween but I used a paint pen and tried to soften him up a bit.  I mimicked the design on the plate.  Please no comments on my painting talent ( I have none!).

Even though Elaine and her husband are all the way in Colorado, I used their names on the place cards along with mine and my husbands.  I wish we could all be together for our "Sister Act".  Photo holders are in all the stores (these were from Ross) and make great place card holders or even better, use a photo of the person instead!

I filled  the middle of the table with silver and black accents.  I placed two wooden candlesticks on small mirrors and topped them with glittery candles.

A black tin pitcher is filled with feathers, black glitter roses and two sets of lighted branches.  Have you tried these?  They have a battery pack on the bottom and I love, love them.  The black set is from Marshall's and the silver are from the Christmas Tree Shoppe. 

I added a few more candles and the center of my table was full.  Very full.  Please remember the lighting problems I have with this room as you view the rest of these pictures.

Unfortunately, I can't show you the rest of my pictures because my computer is acting up!  Please visit Elaine, at Creating Wonderful Spaces to see her take on these same dishes.

And for the first time, I am linking up to Tabletop Tuesday.


Elaine said...

How funny that neither one of us used our identical birdcages! I love your placemats. They really mimic the feel of the bird plates. Feathers! Never dawned on me! Love your black birds. Thanks for setting a place for me--I would love to be able to join you! Very pretty table, and I really enjoyed doing this with you!

CJ said...

Hey sisters, may I join your sisterhood since I too purchased these plates? Great job with the table, especially placemats and goblets. Thanks for posting! Cj

Liz said...

Coming over from your sister's blog! Boy you both did a wonderful job! I love the idea of the challenge to each other! You are both creative! I like the acrylic flatware because the pattern of your placements shows through which is pretty cool! Your centerpiece with the lights is a fun idea and I love the sparkly candles. My eyes went right to them! Great job!

Marigene said...

Beautiful table, can do so much with black and white, it's amazing. I love your centerpiece...haven't seen the lighted branches, but will be looking for them. You did a great artistic job on the black bird.

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm all for a full center of the table, Robin! It just gives guests a lot to take in and enjoy! You and Elaine both did a fabulous job, and it's fun to see your individual interpretations. I don't think the table looks like a tuxedo at's just very cool!

Marlis said...

OOh i gleaned so many great ideas.. I too have the plates.. so thank you tons. I've enjoyed seeing both of the tablescapes with these.. what a great idea! super placemats!
great table.. xo marlis

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I like anything with a bird motif' so these were right up my alley. Love the black!


Red Couch Recipes said...

Robin. Love theose plates and your take on the black, white, and silaver. Love the placemats too. Joni

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Beautiful job! I hadn't seen those lighted branches before, now I'm going to keep an eye out for them. The placemats really bring out the pattern in the appetizer plates.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

If I had seen those plates at Marshalls, I would have snatched them up too. I love what you and your sister have created with black and white!

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said... and your sister are so cute. You both had a different yet very creative spin. I love your centerpiece too, and the name tags are adorable. Good job to the sissies! My sister hates to decorate LOL.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Both tablescapes are just gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

xinex said...

Both tablescapes are really pretty. You both have it in your genes, Robin!...Christine