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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peacock Blue for Two

The weather was so "Picture Perfect" this weekend that I decided to take advantage and do two tablescapes, both using my favorite gold dishes.. One I will save  for next week.  I still can't get used to the weather down here and the fact that I will have months and months of weather to set tables outside.

 It seems lately that I've had a case of the blues.  No, I'm not feeling depressed.  I'm just hooked on the color blue, especially aquas and teals.  You are all probably sick and tired of me and my Goodwill finds, but here's another one.  Months ago I bought 2 blue wine goblets (I guess that's what they would be called).  Normally I don't buy things in twos, but I did this time.  Then I was at GW again and found a piece of fabric rolled up and wrapped  with masking tape. It was marked $1.99.  From what I could tell it looked good so I bought it.  After I got it home, I discovered it was a Waverly Fabric and the piece was square (my favorite shape for a table!).  The design was very attractive and included peacocks without their tails open.  You know, like peacocks that didn't need to show off.

We ran into this guy in a flea market parking lot not too long ago. You've got to love the bird life in Florida!
He even stayed still long enough for a few pictures (he knows he looks good!).

Sorry, let's get back to my table.  I hemmed  the edges (with fabric glue) and decided to pair it with my 2 blue goblets for my first table for 2.  Come on out back and I will show you.

I layered my topper over a drop cloth from Home Depot.  My Adirondack chairs are nice and comfy with my pillows from Pottery Barn and Old Time Pottery.   The color of the pool and the color of the sky cooperated beautifully.

 A bird cage just seemed like the appropriate centerpiece.  This is the same one my sister painted but I am using it the way I found it for now.  (We tend to buy the exact same things all the time even though we live thousands of miles apart!)

The place setting went together quickly.  I've had these glass chargers (Ross) for almost a year and used my gold stoneware (again, I know!) but this time I used the bowls, too.  It's cool enough here to eat soup.  I found the teal blue salad plates and napkins at Ross.  I layered the teal
 napkin with a gold one and used a napkin ring from Kohl's.

My blue goblets against a blue sky.

These colors all work together so well.  For once I had to do very little editing to my pictures thanks to the  sunny day.  I placed a candle in the bird cage and filled it with greens, some pine cones, blue berries and gold twig balls.  I placed it on a stand for height.

OK, I know he's not a peacock but I felt I needed to add a bird. 

I moved my fern behind the table to add a backdrop.  I usually have the cement pieces on my front porch.

Can you spot the uninvited guest? 

Right above the fork.  He's tiny to fit through our screen! 

And as the sun started going down...

Thank you for joining me at my table for two bathed in blue!  I am linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch where you will find tablescapes created by a wonderful group of people who just love to play with dishes (just like me!).

Also make sure to visit Creating Wonderful Spaces to see what my sister, Elaine, has done this week. She and I are making plans for a different take on our usual tables for some time in November.  Details soon!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Robin, never fear! Two things I never get tired of... ever: the color blue and Goodwill finds! Love what you found and love that cloth and the entire tablescape. This is perfect for fall in Florida, and hasn't the weather been WONDERFUL lately? I love it!

Happy Tablescape Thursday...


Sheila :-)

Marlis said...

Perfect goblets! And perfect fabric.. this is really a pretty table. what a lovely place to eat too. xo marlis

Elaine said...

OK, this is my second favorite of the ones you have done! Love the color combination (kind of like the blue in the sky and the amber of the sunset) and your birdcage looks great! Great photos, too. Sure looks good after the snow we had today! My tablescape this time is for those who got snowed in!

Kerry Rossow said...

I have been loving blue, too!
We are in the throws of fall here, so it was nice to see your sunshine tablescape!
Thank you for popping by my place!
Kerry at

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow I love the colors you've mixed in the tablesetting. Everything looks so cool and inviting! I love our Florida weather. It's been a little cool last week, but I am looking forward to it warming back up :-)

Jocelyn @

Marigene said...

Robin, I never get tired of hearing about Goodwill...that is where I find the best buys...around here they only charge 49¢/99¢ for dishes...most of the ones doing the pricing have no clue what they are putting on the shelves or they would price them so much higher.
That is a gorgeous piece of fabric and makes a great tabletopper. Love the gold with the teal, very warm looking.
Thanks for sharing.

xinex said...

Your table is so brautiful, Robin. I never get tired of the color blue either, and especially not in the shades you mentioned, I just love those colors. Your table goes so well with your beautiful pool too...Christine

CJ said...

Awesome Goodwill find. My favorite! Your sense of color and light really resonates with me. Thank you for posting your sexy and smooth Florida night tablescape. ~CJ

Pat said...

Such a fresh looking scape! Love the blues and greens. Love Goodwill too.

Jo's This and That said...

Beautiful table ! JoAnn

Carrie said...

Beautiful setting with a fabulous color scheme, and the details are very special!

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Robin, I just discovered your blog; stopping by from BNOTP. Great fabric to anchor your wonderful tablescape! I agree with Sheila - I NEVER get tired of blue or GW finds either!

Stop by if you get a chance. I did a table for two this week as well.

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Okay, I love the fabric.... So pretty. Your glass chargers are awesome. I never thought of going to Ross for dishes but I will be going there tomorrow. I found the Halloween finds on the day after Halloween but Target changes that policy every year. I am hitting them on Halloween, if not, the day after.

Your table is beautiful.. I am jealous of the warm weather. But not as jealous as I will be in another three months.

Thanks for stopping by,


Monica @ Texas Fiesta Ware Fan said...

Great finds and great table. Oh I love the cloth and your centerpiece.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh your blues by the pool are so pretty and inviting. Would love to be enjoying poolside weather. Love your tablecloth.

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

I love blues - I wish I had more of them in my home. Your table looks beautiful and I would just die for a pool! Thanks for swinging by the other day!

Barbara said...

Oh, that cloth is just beautiful! It works perfectly with your pretty dishes. It looks like such a nice place to relax and enjoy a meal.

A Perfect Setting said...

Hi Robin, oh your table makes me want to fly south!! It's so pretty with the pool colors! And the colors in your topper are gorgeous, perfect for your dishes. I've been thinking about painting everything blue lately, but that's all for now, just thinking!! Love your design and setting!!

Chubby N Chieque said...

OMG! I so love the fabric. It fits with your pool.

Heavenly perfect combination.

Your lil uninvited visitor make me smile. Isn't he a cutie?

Happy TS...

Greetings from a chilly Stockholm,

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Robin! I remember a couple of years ago when my husband and I were considering moving to Florida and we flew down to look at houses. All the screened in patios...I think they're called a lanai?...seemed so practical! Wish we had one here! Great piece of fabric, and you built a beautiful table around it! The chargers are gorgeous!!! Lucky you that you will still be able to do outdoor tables! Alas, our days are pretty much over for this year! :-(